#IEmbraceMe is a photo series I photographed in December 2018 as a way to showcase a range of people who were working toward embracing themselves through mind, body & soul. This series was shot in New York City and included 11 amazing humans who shared their own individual stories of self love and empowerment. My goal with creating images like this #IEmbraceMe series is to put body equality into the media and share images that many people can connect with. See images from the shoot and read some of the participants stories below.

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“I’ve always been “complimented” for having so much confidence, as if it was unattainable for someone of my weight, height or ethnicity. Yet, I’ve had it since birth without any positive representation in society or my inner community. I was witness to individuals unnecessarily changing themselves for the sake of vanity. In many instances those same individuals would attempt to sway me into following suit but I never failed to lose sight of self and embrace me.”



“I am embracing the true me, who has Alopecia Areata. I am embracing the fact that 1 in 3 women also deal with this. I am embracing the truth that it does NOT define who I am, but that it is a mere part of me.“



“I’m no longer afraid to be me and stand up to say ENOUGH because I know who I am. I share this with you so that it may inspire someone who needs to love themselves. Bathing in self love is the best way to make yourself happy.“



“I speak often of body positivity, inclusive fashion and why representation matters. So when I was selected to be a part of this project I was overjoyed. These subjects mean so much to me because being a disabled, black, female model is empowering...but can be anxiety-inducing at times. I worry if studios and casting locations are accessible, if the MUAs will have my shade, if the hairstylist wants to do a damaging style, if I'm going to be harassed, if I am "good enough" because of how I look etc.

I believe that the more inclusion and awareness there is, the more these negative experiences will be recognized and dealt with. Fashion is changing and this photo and experience is proof!”



“I represented the hard working people that once left the home, family, comfort zone to explore something and with a goal in mind.

Our journey haven’t been easy, being homeless, being depressed, lost in life and the feeling that you American dream is becoming just a nightmare, living in a society who judge you by your accent , your skin’s color and our image“



“I wasn’t always plus-size. After my freshman year of college I rapidly gained weight from eating habits and when I went back to my summer job I was asked if I was pregnant. I was taunted for my cheeks growing and not being a size 7 any more. I was depressed and cried many times in dressing room mirrors. As I went on the journey of self love I found modeling. I loved the self expression I developed through this art form. I wanted to pursue it professionally. I was told I’m too fat, too short, not the right fit, everything but you are enough. I pushed forward despite the negativity and I’m now signed. I wear my natural hair to encourage people who struggle to love their crowns.”