How To Model: Be A Performer!

If you are an aspiring model, professional model or someone who wants to be in front of the camera; here is a major tip that I tell all of the models that I work with: treat your photoshoot like a performance!

In the video below, I talk about how to treat your photoshoot like a performance and why it’s important to come to set ready to perform. Modeling is not just about being pretty - it’s much more than that. We now live in a world where modeling jobs require the ability to do still photos as well as moving images (video, GIFs, boomerangs, etc).

The key to any great photoshoot is having the ability to perform in front of the camera. Being comfortable in front of the camera definitely takes practice and experience, but the more you get yourself out there and in front of the camera, the better model and performer you will be!

5 Tips For Photographing Plus Size on YouTube

Hey everybody! I've joined the world of Vloggers and I'm excited to bring you more information and content through videos. I'll be sharing my experiences as a working photographer in NYC and talking about photography, modeling, the plus size industry and whatever else I may think of along the way! I'm looking forward to sharing more digital content with everyone and am excited for the videos to come.

My first Vlog is up – which is 5 Tips For Photographing Plus Size. I wanted to share my thoughts about photographing Plus Size subjects and answer some common questions many photographers have asked me about photographing Plus Size clients.

So take a look, please share, comment and like this video for me! If you have any questions or things you may want to see me Vlog about please comment and let me know!!