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How To Model: Be A Performer!

If you are an aspiring model, professional model or someone who wants to be in front of the camera; here is a major tip that I tell all of the models that I work with: treat your photoshoot like a performance!

In the video below, I talk about how to treat your photoshoot like a performance and why it’s important to come to set ready to perform. Modeling is not just about being pretty - it’s much more than that. We now live in a world where modeling jobs require the ability to do still photos as well as moving images (video, GIFs, boomerangs, etc).

The key to any great photoshoot is having the ability to perform in front of the camera. Being comfortable in front of the camera definitely takes practice and experience, but the more you get yourself out there and in front of the camera, the better model and performer you will be!

How To Model: 3 Tips For Your First Photoshoot

Three tips for your first model photoshoot! In this video, I give 3 tips for your first-time photoshoot! This is also great for anyone who is still developing their portfolio (so you’ve done some photoshoots but are still new to modeling) and also those who may be getting back into modeling after some time off.

Over the last 10+ years I’ve worked with so many people in front of the camera. When I moved to NYC in 2015, I was set up with a lot of New Faces with agencies, which are models who are newly signed and often had little to no experience being in front of the camera. I used my experience working with many non-models over the years to help the New Faces get comfortable in front of the camera, help them with posing and direction so we could get some new shots for their portfolio.

I started making these videos to help anyone out on their photoshoot. I believe that one of the keys to a successful photoshoot is being prepared and coming in with the right mindset!

Take a look at my video; if it helped you, please let me know in the comments below!