Use Flay Lays For Your Personal Brand

Photoshoot Challenge: Use Flay Lays For Your Personal Brand


Being a photographer and content creator, it’s important that I continuously create content in between client shoots. I’m always keeping myself busy with work whether I’m shooting with clients or creating my own content. My own personal shoots have landed me jobs that I would never been able to get had I not created similar content.

My goal with these posts are to inspire YOU to create your own content and also show my own process as a content creator.

I did this challenge back in January. I’ll be honest… business was SLOW in January! It usually is slow right after the holidays but this year was painfully slow. So I needed to shoot as much content as I could to keep my mind busy. That’s how I came up with this shoot idea. I wanted to create flat lays of images that showcased my own personal brand. I decided that I would use found items I currently owned for the shoot to incorporate them into the flat lays. I wanted these images to be as true-to-me as possible without any additional “pretty” layers we often go out and buy for these social media posts.

I decided to create 3 separate flat lays to post in succession on my instagram page. These would tell a story about who I am and what makes me a photographer. This also was a great way for me to practice my own styling for flat lays and shooting.

The first step I brainstormed vignettes that I wanted to showcase, I came up with these ideas:

  1. Camera & lighting setup / what’s in my bag
  2. Shot to announce social media content creation services
  3. Personal & spiritual
  4. Books I’m reading / goals 
  5. Favorite foods / snack time / work snacks
  6. Personal style & outfit of choice
  7. BTS of a photoshoot (props, gear, lenses)
  8. Workout/fitness/activity
  9. Hobbies
  10. Family photos & heirlooms
  11. Props & clothes from past shoots

This shot list is great for me to refer to for the next time I do some branding flat lays, and I would create a similar list for clients requesting flat lays. Based on what I had in my apartment at the time I decided to create a Personal & Spiritual Flatlay, Books & Working out. 

The natural light in my apartment SUCKS so I decided to use a colorful backdrop on my coffee table with a very bright and crisp look for lighting. I know most blogs recommend natural light for flat lay photography but I wanted to show off something different with this series.

Flat Lay of Books

These were some of the books I’ve read and have on my night stand. These 3 books are wonderful because I can refer to them if I’m ever in a personal or productivity slump. I also took a photo of my journal which had my 2018 word of the year and a list of personal and professional goals. Goal setting is good to keep you on track!



Health & Fitness Flay Lays

This next vignette showcased something more personal: my health and fitness journey. In 2017 I began lifting and working out with a trainer at the gym. I LOVE to lift and love to see myself get stronger. My goal for lifting is to get my body and mind stronger so I can work longer and better. I’m often carrying around very heavy bags of my photography gear around NYC so it’s important for me to be able to properly move this weight around and prevent any injury I may do to myself in the long term.


Flat Lays With Crystals

Finally this final vignette is a bit funny but shows off my humor and spiritual side. I have a beautiful collection of crystals I wear and use in meditation as well as sage. But I wanted to play off our society’s addiction to technology and using the wireless charger to “charge” my crystals. I thought this could be something fun that I could expand on with a brand for product photography.


Flat Lays of Tattoos

I’ll throw in a last bonus shot - this is my forearm tattoo I absolutely LOVE. I wanted to take a photo that I promised my tattoo artist Nadia. I can’t wait until I can add more of her incredible work onto my body. Tattoos are awesome and I’m so happy to show Nadia’s incredible work off.


I look forward to adding more challenges on my blog soon. I’ll be sure to add in more flat lays, some self portraits and other experimental shoots!