Curve Model Portfolio Shoot: Allexa D'Alessio


Last week I shot with the beautiful Allexa D'Alessio of Natural Models LA and Wilhelmina NYC. Allexa and I have tried to shoot together a couple of times between my trips out to LA and her trips to NYC but the timing every time took us on opposite coasts. Now that Allexa lives in NYC we were able to shoot. I had the wonderful Amanda Thesen on makeup and hair. Allexa wanted some classic denim shots but also to get a little creative with color. I love that she referenced some of my past shoots, including the vintage-inspired photoshoot I did with Riley Ticotin. 

Allexa is an actress from the Chicago area; she moved to LA to pursue acting and got scouted by my friend Katie at Natural Models and has been killing it with her modeling career ever since! You may have seen her in work with Eloquii, Fabletics or Deb Shops.

I loved the styling of this photoshoot, Allexa did an awesome job bringing so many clothing options together for her shoot. Styling can really bring a lot of magic to any photoshoot, that's why I think it's important to have styling for plus size photo shoots. Allexa brought a rack of clothes and tons of options for her 3 looks - we were even able to shoot a bonus look because she brought so much good stuff with her!


I play around with gels and different objects to obstruct the lens for different effect. It's fun - I've even had a corporate client ask me to shoot their executive portraits with a similar effect. I was really thrilled when Allexa referenced some of my previous lens-obstruction shots. 


To Photographers: you never know what your creative, different and playful shoots may lead to so… continue to shoot!

Once we got the classic denim shots and had some fun with gels, we moved on to some more colorful looks playing with my backdrops. Amanda created this lovely pale-blue eye to break up the monochromatic look of our second shot of yellow.

Since we shot two yellow looks, I decided to give them separate toning treatments in post. If I were shooting this for an editorial I would probably give them both the more muted, vintage tone with the suit-look, but for this post I wanted to show how toning your colors can really change the vibe of an image. 


Our final look was RED!! Allexa grabbed this awesome jacket that reflected the light and I used my Savage Crimson Seamless Paper Backdrop to continue with our monochromatic theme. I love shooting against colorful backdrops and playing with color theory. It's so fun!


Cheers to another amazing shoot! Let me know what you think about the shoot in the comments!


MODEL & STYLIST: Allexa D'Alessio with Natural Models LA + Wilhelmina NY


HAIR & MAKEUP ARTIST: Amanda Thesen of Amanda Thesen Beauty