Styling For Plus Size Photo Shoots

Styling for Plus Size Photo Shoots


I once was on a photo shoot with a plus sized model who had someone “style” her photoshoot. The concept and looks were beautiful however there wasn’t much thought on translating the inspiration to my client’s body type. The clothes were purchased but weren’t even the correct size for my client. I often will pull reference images for my shoots from a variety of sources. Most of my mood boards are a mixture of straight-sized and plus-sized references. I don’t think that fashion and good style should be limited by any size; it’s just how you pull your own looks together to fit your body. I think these tips can be used on any body size and type.

My main goal when photographing anyone is to flatter them. For plus size subjects I like to focus on clothing and poses that elongate their bodies and flatter their natural shape, accentuating everything they love about themselves. 

Plus Size Fashion

It’s no secret that it’s harder to find on trend, fashionable looks for plus-sized bodies. However there are designer plus size clothes out there. You may want to invest in one piece that is a standout piece; this will be something that photographs well, looks expensive (might BE expensive too) and really flatters your body! If you have one amazing outfit in your book, it could be a game-changer to get people to look at you in a different way. 



Take A Unique Approach To Styling

When styling for plus sized photoshoots you should be aware of your own or your clients body type. Not all bodies are the same, so styling should have an unique approach to whomever will be in the photoshoot. Whether it’s a photoshoot for yourself or someone else; you need to think about the body you’re dressing. Not all plus-sized people have the hourglass figure; some may be apple shaped or pear shaped or rectangle or reverse triangle! 


Online Shopping for Plus Size

Online shopping for plus size is a quick and easy way to purchase clothes for your shoot! You can buy your entire wardrobe online from the comfort of your warm bed. When ordering online I would look at details of the garment: sizing, cut, model’s sizing, fabric, etc in addition to how the photo of the model looks. Once you know what clothes fit best for your body type, you’ll have a less likely chance of being disappointed when trying on your clothes. If your budget allows it, I like to buy 2 sizes to be on the safe side.


Hire A Stylist for Plus Size Photo Shoots

Hiring a stylist that knows how to dress different body types is a valuable asset to any photoshoot. The job of a stylist is to pull complete looks, dress you on set and make sure everything is looking great. I’ve worked with stylists that have loved dressing plus size clients, that pull amazing things and know what’s up – i’ve also works with stylists that have had no concept of shape and size and how that translates on a body and that’s something to be aware of when searching out good stylists. 


Brings Some Clips and Things

Finding a great tailor is a wonderful way to customize clothes to fit and flatter your body. You may not be able to do this for a photoshoot but clips, double stick tape, rubber bands and even water bottles can help create a photo-ready fit for some of those most ill-fitting garmets. Most of the items you see on online shops are fit to the models bodies with clips, ties, tape, etc, etc - whatever the stylist on set needs to make the clothes fit to sell!  

Tips for Plus Size Models

So those are my tips for styling for plus size model photoshoots. To be honest, these tips can be used for ANY TYPE of body photoshoot, but I get asked a lot about styling for Plus Size Shoots.